Bargain hunters, do your homework to save money on Back to School shopping

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Friday, August 4 is the start of this year's Virginia sales tax holiday weekend, and that means great deals on Back to School shopping.

Macaroni Kid publisher Jamie Clark says to compare prices, and buy in bulk when you can. She also suggests combining school supply lists, instead of shopping from one list at a time.

"You can buy a mega pack of glue sticks, and then divide it between two kids, and that might save you some money instead of buying them separately, "says Clark.

When it comes to Back to School fashion, Clark says to go for that nice first day outfit. But you don't have to buy a whole year's worth of clothing in one trip.

"I actually wait until the fall consignment sales to really stock up on fall clothes. So, for tax- free, I really focus on what kind of shoes they're going to wear now, clothes for now, and then, fall a little bit later on in the season," says Clark.

Tanya Cannon with Salem Credit Union says to make a budget a stick to it. She adds that a good rule of thumb is to spend about what you spent last year on back to school, if that fit your budget.

Here's another question, which is better- cash or credit?
Cannon says it depends.

"If you use credit, there are some cards that offer cashback rewards, points. You can also find out that certain credit unions will have a lower interest rate on credit cards, compared to the department store. Interest rates are a little higher, so you can definitely maximize. But it depends on the consumer and what they're comfortable with, "says Cannon.

One final tip, before you go shopping, take an inventory of your child's school supplies. Re- using is cheaper than replacing.

We've posted a link to the Virginia Sales Tax holiday, along with this story.