Virginia's highest court to hear cases involving Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ7) Wednesday, issues surrounding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will be in front of the Virginia Supreme Court.

The cases will focus on surveying, and whether or not it's legal. Landowners have been fighting the pipeline and their surveying efforts. Wednesday, that fight goes to Virginia's highest court.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would run about 600 miles between West Virginia and North Carolina. The current proposed path runs through sections of Highland, Bath and Nelson Counties.

Back in February, a Nelson County judge said about 30 residents had to give Dominion access to their land for surveying. And last November, we heard from people rallying against the pipeline in Nelson County. One of the people in that group included Hazel Palmer. Her case is going to the Virginia Supreme Court Wednesday. She's trying to keep Dominion from surveying her land.

Hazel Palmer, property owner, said, “"They need to think about the families that have century old properties before they go in and destroy it."

A spokesperson for the pipeline says it's important for economic growth and they've seen a great deal of support for the project. According to a project timeline online, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline hopes to begin construction this year and continue through 2019, with the pipeline being in service late 2019.