Volunteer describes finding missing Pittsylvania County boy

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PITTSYLVANIA CO., Va. (WDBJ7) It was the best-case ending to a worst-case scenario. Andrew Yarboro was found safe, and Mary Parker helped make that happen.

Mary Parker said, "I feel like it's God's will and I feel blessed to be part of that. I really do."

She says she and another woman were at the school earlier in the day. They were two of the many volunteers who were trying to do their part.

"We signed in and we stood around and we looked at each other and said time's wasting. Let's just go look, and that's what we did,” said Parker.

They hopped into a Ford hatchback, drove to a field, and then went on foot. The two hiked difficult terrain for a couple miles. Mary's muddy, soaked boots serve as proof.

“Because some parts you're sinking like quicksand,” she said.

Trudging through, all the while trying to get the nine year old's attention.

Mary Parker said, "And I was singing row row row your boat because I had read on the little sheet that he liked nursery rhymes and things like that."

Eventually, she came across footprints and then Andrew.

"Well she was behind me and I said I've got him I've got him,” said Parker. “Like, it was amazing."

She says he was stuck in briars, so she went to him and held him.

She said, "Rubbed his head and told him that everything was going to be okay and he fell asleep."

It took a couple hours before rescuers could get Andrew and bring him to the ambulance, bringing a best-case ending to an 18 hour search.

"It's a blessing, it really is,” said Parker.