Volunteers of all ages help repair Radford cemetery

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) -- Some of them knew the place well. Others were there for the first time. But all of them went for the same purpose.

"We wanted to help the graves and just rebuild all the broken stuff that the mean people are doing," Cub Scout Volunteer Caleb Sams said.

Those "mean people" Caleb referred to vandalized more than 20 graves at Radford's Central Cemetery earlier this year. It's not the first time the historic burial ground has been targeted.

"I've been helping take care of this cemetery for at least 30 years and this is the second time since I've been here that all this damage has been done," said the cemetery's volunteer caretaker, Roger Walters. "It was heart-sickening when I walked in here and seen all these stones turned over."

But on Wednesday, groups of cub scouts, girl scouts and veterans all showed up to repair the graves, stone by stone.

"It kind of made me feel good knowing that a lot of people cared about fixing up the cemetery and making sure that it was fixed and like it was before," Girl Scout Volunteer Miranda Epley said.

The cemetery relies on volunteers to keep it maintained and cleaned up.

"It is amazing to see these people here. We need more people like them," Walters said.

Though most didn't even know who they were helping, it was clear to those of all ages why they were there.

"No one should break the cemetery stones. No one should mess them up," Girl Scout Volunteer Carolanna Thompson said. "They're amazing, and they help us remember."