Volvo teams with Truckers Against Trafficking to spread warning signs

Published: Oct. 17, 2017 at 6:17 PM EDT
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Volvo is helping put a stop to human trafficking by educating drivers on ways to prevent the practice.

A trailer is traveling the country to educate people on the warning signs drivers can see on the roads and at truck stops. Tuesday it stopped at the Volvo plant in Dublin.

Young boys and girls are sold into human trafficking in rural and urban areas, mostly where truck drivers can easily see them.

The Truckers Against Trafficking organization partnered with Volvo to educate truck drivers and truck owners about ways to help the people sold in the industry.

"Drivers are in locations where they can come in contact with potential victims and so we're training them so they know exactly what to look for and who to call it in. These are people who want to take action," said Helen Van Dam, the director of the Freedom Drivers Project. "They've made over 18 hundred calls into the hotline that have led to over 500 cases, recovering over 900 individuals. This is an industry that's taking charge of this and changing what trafficking looks like out there on the roads."

Area law enforcement from Montgomery, Pulaski, and Grayson Counties and state police were invited to tour the trailer.