Voters prepare for big vote over potential new Pulaski County Middle School

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PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Just days away from a vote over a much discussed new school, people in Pulaski County were pushing voters to make sure they get to the polls.

The $47 million dollar project has been the talk of the town, the County, even in other parts of the New River Valley for months.

Some said Thursday, while there's a full ballot on Tuesday's election, the vote over hiking taxes to pay for a new middle school is the biggest, for sure.

School Board Member Paige Cash said, "Our Sheriff's election is very important, our Delegate elections are very important. But this referendum, we are at a crossroads in Pulaski."

A crossroads with people on both sides who are all passionate about which way the vote should go.

"The people who are for are concerned about kids and their education and the future of the county," Cash said. "The people who are against, for them it all comes down to taxes, they don't want a tax increase."

One man said he was concerned the school system didn't do enough upkeep on the current schools, forcing the county to need the new school.

Another person, Jill Williams, said a new building is the only fiscal possibility.

"I think many of our neighbors are suffering from stretched budgets right now," Williams said. "But I think cutting costs when it comes to children and education is short sighted."

Some have said in the past, a 9 to 13 cent tax increase per $100 real estate value of land, would be too expensive, and they couldn't pay it.

It will all be decided Tuesday, November 7.

But what was interesting Thursday was the Get out to Vote rally featured those much too young to vote. Kids who may or may not be in a new middle school building.

Cash explained, "It's important that they're out here, that they understand what's going on and that they get engaged."

Williams added about getting kids involved, "I do think it's a shame that the adults are the ones who get to vote on this when it's actually the children who are going to be impacted the most."

Looking at Pulaski County's ballot, there are five candidate elections and only one yes or no vote, the 47 million dollar school decision.

To see the two sample ballots in Pulaski County, click here for the 7th District or click here for the 12th District.

And no matter which side people are on on the issue, as those at Thursday's rally said, their opinions can't be voiced unless they go out to vote on Tuesday.

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