Voting Action Office helps Radford University students through election confusion

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) College students are encouraging their peers to get out and vote Tuesday.

"Students can just come walk in here and say hey I'd like to fill out a form or I need to know where to go and we can help them," said Brianna Guest, a Radford University senior and the Student Government Association's Secretary of Legislative Affairs.

The Voting Action Office is a one-stop-shop at Radford University for all things election.

"If they need to know where their dorm address is we can help them with that basically step by step," Guest said.

Students are trained as assistant deputy registrars, who can help students register to vote and accept absentee ballots. It helps make the process as stress free and easy as possible for all parties involved.

"Millennials count as one third of the electorate as of 2015 but we're the least likely to vote, which is really important because we are the largest voting population that doesn't vote," Guest said.

The program is modeled after similar offices stationed on military bases.
Here, students get experience learning the election process - providing relief for the general registrar. So far, students have stayed busy answering questions.

"Where to vote is a big question, how to get there. Another big question is the people who do live on campus don't know what their address is," Guest said.

The voting location is off campus. This year the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is offering rides for students to the polls, while the Radford Transit is adding a stop to the polling location to its route.

This program started last year here at Radford University and was the first of its kind in the state.

Larger universities like Virginia Tech have a voting location on campus for students.