In speech at Liberty University, Mike Pence offers strong defense of Donald Trump

Published: Oct. 11, 2016 at 6:10 PM EDT
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Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence offered a strong defense of Donald Trump on Wednesday morning during the first of two visits to the area.

Speaking at Liberty University, Pence said Trump has apologized for the lewd comments he made in a 2005 video.

And the Indiana Governor said that conservatives shouldn't lose sight of the other issues at stake in the November election.

If Mike Pence has any lingering disappointment about the controversial video, he didn't show it here.

Speaking to a packed convocation at the Vines Center, he said Donald Trump is right on the issues that matter in this campaign, and deserves their support.

“As a believer, I believe we are called to live godly lives but also we recognize that we all fall short. It's not about condoning what was said and done, it's about believe in grace and forgiveness. As Christians we are called to forgive, even as we've been forgiven,” Pence said. “This election is a choice between whether we're going to continue to go downhill to a weaker America at home and abroad, to a struggling economy that walks farther away from our most cherished constitutional values or whether we are going to stop and plant our feet and march back up the hill to a stronger America.”

Pence told Christians this election is no time to "sit on the sidelines."

He told students that personal "shortcomings are no excuse for inaction" and they should vote for Trump.

"It's not about condoning what is said and one it's about believing in grace and forgiveness," Pence said.

He said Donald Trump has shown humility after his lewd comments about women were made public. Trump is on the right side of issues that matter most to conservatives, Pence said.

"Men and women of faith, this is a time for action not essays, and we must roll our sleeves up and be prepared to fight every day for what we believe in," Pence said.

He says people of faith cannot choose to stand "idly by in this great national debate."

The Salem event was billed as a town hall forum, but like the Lynchburg it was a straight campaign speech.

Pence hit all of the key issues we've come to expect from the Republican campaign, along with a strong defense of Donald Trump that focused on conservative issues instead of controversy.


Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence will speak at Liberty University at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Pence will also appear in Salem at 2:30 p.m. WDBJ7 will live stream both appearances Wednesday.

Watch for team coverage from both appearances at 5 and 6.