WDBJ7's Positive Stories of 2016

(WDBJ7) Our viewers love to hear our reporters share stories of positivity. And this year we delivered many of love, life and triumph.

WDBJ7's Melissa Gaona takes us back to a few of these special moments. It was a snowy January day for many in Southwest Virginia but for one family in Roanoke it was "go time".

"By the time she laid down, it was less than three minutes before the baby came," Jacob Dodson said.

Jacob Dodson and his wife Lindsey never made it to the hospital. Instead Clearbrook firefighters and medics delivered baby Lukas on their kitchen floor.

" I was holding one of their hands and then my husband's hand and then I had everybody telling me what to do," Lindsey Dodson said.

And just like that a life began and an unforgettable story was born. You may also remember this kid in Bedford County. This story brought tears to many eyes when this 12-year-old boy got his sight back.

"For the last 12 years, people have been bringing the world to his hands so he a can learn with his hands," Vision Teacher Mikel Kersey said.

But Your Hometown Station was there when Chris Ward saw the world with his own two eyes. His special glasses weren't cheap but that's where this story gets even better. His story touched so many around the world, his parents didn't even have to pay a penny.

"I fought back tears, I'm not going to lie," Chris Ward's mother Marquita Hackley said.

"I was glad when I raised all that money. $25,000 -- and I mean thousand -- dollars," Chris said.

Big hearts and a lot of money were able to help solve Chris Ward's issue. And that was also the case for a college in Amherst County.

"There was a miracle that the women of Sweet Briar saved their college," President Phillip Stone said.

Sweet Briar College made International headlines after the school announced in 2015 plans to close. Students and staff were devastated but eventually the school was saved.

"It's definitely a wound and I feel like it will continue to be a wound, but we are definitely stronger now than ever before," student Kollin Kirven said.

In 2016, Sweet Briar reported applications to attend were the highest in its school history. And this year, students celebrated the school's 107th commencement with 81 graduates.

These are just a few of WDBJ7's positive news stories in 2016.