WDBJ7 using auxiliary antenna as station builds new broadcast tower

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(WDBJ7) If you are having difficulty picking up WDBJ7 after rescanning your television on September 11, please see below for additional information.

Like most of the broadcast TV stations in the Roanoke/Lynchburg area, WDBJ7 is operating on a new frequency. This change was required by the Federal Communications Commission after the sale of much of the broadcast spectrum to wireless carriers for use in services like cellphones and wireless data. This was why rescanning was necessary on September 11.

After the rescan, we’ve been made aware that pockets of our viewing area are having difficulty picking up our signal. While we have been erecting a new tower which will result in a clearer, more powerful signal, WDBJ7 has had to operate at a lower power with a temporary auxiliary antenna. This is what is causing these service outages.

Please know that we are aware of how much you depend on us for vital news and weather information, and our engineers are working diligently to get every viewer full access to WDBJ7 again.

You can help!

If your home is affected by this, please fill out and submit this form so we can communicate directly with you about the progress of the service disruption:

In the meantime, here are three ways you can watch the great programming you normally enjoy on Your Hometown Station.

1) Click Here to watch our Live Stream. You can stream our newscasts while we are broadcasting our local news.

2) Add SBTV in your phone or tablet's app store. It’s free, and you can select “WDBJ7” to watch ANY WDBJ7 newscast, even ones you’ve missed.

3) If it’s network CBS you are missing, add the CBS “ALL ACCESS” app (Note; CBS charges $5.99 a month for this service, but there are free trials so you can sign up and then cancel it as soon as we are back on full power. This may be a good stop gap solution so you don’t miss CBS network programs you watch, like Big Brother or NCIS.)

Please accept our apologies and know that we will resolve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you again for your patience during this temporary transition.

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