Washington and Lee University psychology study looks at cell phone use

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) At Washington and Lee University, students and professors are looking at how your cell phone can affect your life.

They are working with volunteers to see the correlations between cell phone use and indications of health and well being, and how it affects your attention.

"We're bringing folks into the lab and investigating for instance how they perform on specific cognitive tasks, like completing puzzles and math problems in the lab," says Prof. Karla Murdock. "But we're understanding this as a proxy for how cell phone use might for instance influence their attention as to things that they're doing at work."

They're still seeking people to help. Right now, they want to look at the cell phone use of adolescents and their parents.

You can sign up for the study -- and earn $50 -- by contacting them at cognitioncontext@wlu.edu, or by calling (540) 458-8248