UPDATE: Lexington Fire Department investigates gas leak at Washington and Lee apartments

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Lexington Fire Department responded to Frank Parsons Way at about 11:15 a.m. Friday morning for a report of a natural gas leak.

Washington and Lee maintenance was working on a small gas leak on a pipe inside of #10 Frank Parsons Way and found that there was another underground gas leak believed to be entering the building through the foundation.

After establishing a safe perimeter, LFD turned off the gas main valve outside which controls the gas to all 6 of the sorority houses. Three of the houses were evacuated as a precaution and gas meter readings taken in all six houses to ensure they were safe.

Columbia Gas is working with W&L to figure out where the leak is coming from.

All units are still on the scene waiting for final gas meter readings to determine that all buildings are safe.


The Lexington Fire Department and Washington and Lee University maintenance workers are trying to determine the source of a gas leak.

The leak occurred between the W&L colonnade and several athletic fields. Three sorority houses in the vicinity were evacuated.

The fire chief says he believes the leak is coming from an underground pipe.

Students are returning to the university following their winter break, with classes set to resume next week.