Washington and Lee students attend Inauguration

Published: Jan. 20, 2017 at 6:54 PM EST
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Blacksburg-raised Ideen Ashraf didn't vote for Donald Trump, but the Georgetown freshman joined the sea of other young college students who were here for their first presidential Inauguration.

A group of Washington and Lee students came to Washington, D.C., after at least some got politically active on their Lexington campus.

"Getting involved in the mock convention at W and L really got me interested in this election. And just to see how it played out from 15 primary candidates to Donald J Trump. We did not expect that at all," Allie McNamara, a Washington and Lee student, said.

"No, [I'm] not a Trump supporter ... But it was just very interesting to see everything take place," Cameron Lee, a Washington and Lee student, said.

Whether they supported Trump, or not, the students we spoke with say this was an important moment in both their own personal lives and our nation's history.

"We probably won't be living near the D.C. area for our whole lives, so this is probably a once in a lifetime chance to see a peaceful transfer of power in our nation," Lee said.

"Some were not as supportive, some were super supportive. But everyone around me, at least at the inauguration, we were so happy to be there and see the process take place," McNamara said.

The W&L students said they're heading back this weekend because they have team practices and class coming up. They also said they know people who are coming tomorrow for the Women's March, which is shaping up to be a huge event on its own.