Watch out Hokie Bird, there's a new turkey coming to town!

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- Tomorrow, President Donald Trump will pardon two turkeys in honor of the annual National Thanksgiving Turkey ceremony.

President Trump will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Turkey presentation.

The two turkey's that have been chosen are Drumstick and Wishbone from Minnesota.

They arrived in D.C. yesterday, and the White House has confirmed that the two birds will be staying in the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, where rooms can cost between $200 to $3,500 per night.

After the ceremony, the turkeys will reside with our very own Hokie Bird at the "Gobblers Rest" exhibit.

Here, students and veterinarians will care for the turkeys, and the public can make visits to learn about the university's research and outreach programs.

Last year's turkeys, Tatter and Tot, are also in the exhibit.