Wayward work of art lands at the Taubman museum

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Artist Paul Villinski has spent the last two days installing a work of art he designed specifically for the Taubman Museum atrium.

The installation includes a wood and fiberglass replica of a B-25 bomber, dropping a payload of 3000 flowers, laser cut from aluminum cans collected on the streets of New York.

The piece should have arrived last June, but the "flower bomber" took an unexpected detour when the truck Villinski was using to deliver the work to Roanoke was stolen.

"I didn't know what a sinking feeling was until I walked out the following morning and realized the truck was gone," Villinski told WDBJ7 Wednesday afternoon.

The truck and the art inside were recovered several days later. And now they are in place here in Roanoke, to the delight of the artist, and the museum's executive director.

"Over the course of the day as the light changes, and the direction of the sun changes and clouds come in and dissipate," Villinski said, "the piece is dynamic and its appearance just keeps changing."

"I can't wait to see the visitors as they come in the door and wonder what's on the floor," said Taubman Museum Executive Director Cindy Peteresen, " and get a closer look and see the different species and that detailed work of the aluminum cutting."

The bomber and its payload of flowers aren't leaving Roanoke any time soon.

The work is scheduled to remain on display in the atrium of the Taubman Museum for over a year.