Well-known Lynchburg barber dies in moped crash

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A well-known Lynchburg barber died in a moped crash Monday night. Police say Cedric Lamont Mays lost control of his vehicle and hit a telephone pole.

Mays has been a barber in the city for a long time, but started at Upper Cutz on Fort Avenue when it first opened a few years back. He has developed an impressive client base, with people coming all the way from Charlottesville to get their hair cut by him. Mays’ coworkers say the shop is usually busiest when he is in.

Things at Upper Cutz moved a little bit slower today. It was a hard decision to open. Clippers, for the most part, stood still.

“Somber, quiet, sad,” said Joseph Early who has known Mays for over 25 years. “But I know he would want me to be here and continue. He used to call me “big dog- stay strong. We got this” But it’s hard for me to be here. I’m here, but I’m not here.”

This loss runs deep for Mays’ many clients.

“A barber is kind of like somebody that is personal to you. You don't just go around to different barbers. Once you find that right barber that's who you stick with,” said Julian Slaughter.

Mays was Slaughter's barber for the past 20 years. His 12-year-old son has never had his haircut by anyone else. In fact, kids loved Mays. They used to give Mays their school pictures to hang on his barber door.

“A lot of kids are going to miss him. A lot of kids are praying for him. Wondering who's going to cut their hair,” said Early.

He would joke and say his business was safe because of them.

“He said one thing's for sure- I'll be cutting their hair for 18 more years,” said Early.

His chair sits empty now, but his friends say he has touched so many through his haircuts- doing what he loved.

“That was his release from life- cutting hair. It didn't matter about race, gender- male, female. It just didn't matter,” said Early.