Westover Christian Academy packs 10,000 meals for Haiti

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DANVILLE, VA. (WDBJ7) Preparing 10-thousand meals in one day!

That's how some students in Danville spent their morning, all to help people in the nation of Haiti.

Students, staff and parents of Westover Christian Academy were taking part in the "Feed the Need" program.

A gong was hit several times at Westover Christian Academy as meals were packed up.

"So they can tell everybody they filled a box!" exclaimed WCA third grader, Lauren Ware.

Boxes were filled with meals to make the journey to Haiti, a country that needs it.

"These ingredients have been designed to be exactly what a young body needs that's malnutrition," says WCA Administrator, John Cline.

Even the younger students who couldn't reach the boxes alone, got in on the action.

"When us older kids leave the high school then they can come up and be the ones to continue doing Feed the Need here," says WCA Junior, Mikayla Davis.

Parents and teachers hope the students learn a lot from the fundraiser.

"We've tried to paint a picture of what would it be like to go to bed at night, hungry and no place to go to get something to eat," says Cline.

"We are blessed and fortunate with what we have here and other children don't have the opportunity to have food on their table every night like she does," says WCA parent, Elizabeth Ware.

The academy had a goal of raising $130,000 and while they didn't meet the goal, they're still impressed.

"Wow! $85,000, and what's really special about that is we've had over 850 people have donated to the school and to this cause," says Cline.

This is the first year WCA has done this fundraiser, and they hope to continue it next year.