What gun owners, potential buyers need to know about safety following Montgomery County accidental shooting

Published: Nov. 23, 2016 at 6:47 PM EST
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Investigators say a 53-year-old woman from Covington was shot by a child at a home she was visiting in Montgomery County.

Deputies tell us the woman was shot with a rifle. They aren't telling us her name or her relationship with the person who shot her, but are saying she's in critical condition.

There still is little information confirmed but a firearm safety instructor explains to WDBJ7, many incidents like this one could have been prevented.

"We make terrible, terrible mistakes when we get nervous, we get upset trying to figure out how the gun operates. That's when accidents happen or when we're trying to show off," said Joey Williams. He has 27 years experience teaching gun safety. Telling people about firearm security never gets old.

He informs potential or new gun owners about locks and storage.

"This cable locking device is a universal device that can be used in this shotgun, run the cable through, locking it back, now the weapon can't be loaded," Williams said, demonstrating how a cable lock fits on a gun.

Inexpensive locks and safes aren't always the best product he says. Before every gun purchase, do your research.

"If you spend 150, 200 dollars on a rifle safe and decide a month later you need something with fire protection that's 150 dollars that's gone. Think about what you need, think about your long term needs before you make a purchase," Williams said.

Williams says to keep guns out of sight so guests can keep them out of mind.

"And inaccessible. You have to monitor what's going on in your home, you have to monitor what's going on with children your son or daughter bring into the home. Have realistic expectations of what your children's level of maturity is," Williams said.

Williams reminds gun buyers to always take a gun safety course before making a purchase or firing a gun.

He says if children are interested in guns, take the time to teach them safety rather than let them be curious.