Where to see the best fall colors this weekend

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Autumn has truly fallen upon western Virginia this week! With the recent rainfall and some cooler nights ahead, the foliage should be nearing peak in the coming weeks.

Areas above 3,000 feet in elevation (Highlands, Blue Ridge Parkway) range from 50% to near peak coloration. These high mountains are a beautiful mixed tapestry of red, orange, and gold. The Alleghanies will be at 25 to 50% of peak this weekend.

In the Blue Ridge, the percentages are a little lower, but the mixture of green with other colors makes for fantastic viewing.

Your favorite mountain hike will be more colorful this weekend as you go up in elevation. Be sure to take lots of photos and share with us.

The Piedmont is well on its way to its dominant fall shade of gold. Urban landscape trees, including maples, are flushing red and orange from the top down. In general, trees with greater exposure in any location are among the earliest changers. In Eastern Virginia, green still rules, but some early fall shades can be seen in swampy areas, and on isolated branches of individual trees.

As the October colors kindle, so too can wildfires. The fall fire season begins this weekend and runs through November. Please assure your campfires are completely out and properly dispose of cigarettes.