White Sulphur Springs businesses happy to be reopening

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WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. (WDBJ7) Businesses have been reopening in West Virginia.

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In White Sulphur Springs, that means a number of new businesses are finally able to spread their wings after being started during the restrictions.

Hammer Cycles, on Main Street, has been open only three weeks, joining a number of other new places.

"Both sides of the road here are actively working to get open," said Max Hammer, Hammer Cycles' owner. "There's a brand new shop across the street that I'm not sure if they're technically open yet, but they've got their inventory in there. There's Road Hogs barbeque right down the way. They're wonderful, lot of good food comes out of there. ANd more and more is happening all the time."

Hammer had struggled to get bicycles in with supply chain disruption, but has now received his supplies an is open for business.

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