Why so many people rush to the car wash after a snow storm

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) While many drivers wait until a few days after a storm to clean their car, some are little impatient.

“I came a couple of days ago, it was like 20 degrees and they were closed,” said Ronald Marsh.

“I actually came by here the first day it snowed and they were closed,” said Pamela Shutters.

So they're at the car wash on Tuesday, the first day Roanoke’s temperatures are above freezing since the weekend’s snow storm.

Tanglewood Auto Wash Manager Michael Bell was expecting them, and many more drivers in the coming weeks.

"Most times we have a line of people here trying to get the salt and grime off the cars,” said Bell.

Salt can cause rust and corrosion.

“It all comes down to the integrity of your car. You've got the salt, you've got the chemicals,” said Bell.

Pamela Shutters pulled in, and wasn't surprised to find snow and chemicals packed under her car.

Ronald Marsh feels the same way about his car.

“What's most important to me is to get that salt off my vehicle and keep it off as much as I can.” said Marsh.

But Bells says you'll need to wash your car once a week for a couple of weeks to keep the salt from damaging your car.

“Because it's still on the roads and with the drainage on the roads it splashes back on the cars,” said Bell.

It's advice Marsh knows well, though he may just try to keep it off the road for a while.

“It's beautiful, you now,” said Marsh of his car. “That Armor All on the tires, I'm gonna hurry up and get it home in the garage”