William Campbell senior does it all

NARUNA, Va. (WDBJ7) If you've attended at least one William Campbell High School athletic event, chances are you've heard of senior Andre Reid.
He plays varsity football, basketball, baseball and golf , sometimes simultaneously.
For some, Friday is just another night.
For Reid, it's another night living his dream.
"It was like going to Hollywood. If I make it to William Campbell, start on the varsity team. That was my dream. That's what I wanted to grow up and do. People ask me, what do you want to be when you grow up - I want to be a William Campbell football player," Said Andre Reid.
"You couldn't get him to go to sleep at night, he would be so excited about what William Campbell the game he just watched and he couldn't wait for the day when he would be out there," said Kim Reid, Andre's mom.
His coach, who knew him as a little leaguer, was one Reid watched closely.
"And you know thinking then and there, that's a lot of talent right there. Whatever coach is going to get them is going to be fortunate,” said Coach Daniel Broggin,"When he speaks to his teammates they actually listen to him out of respect they listen because they know they understand that he's telling them something right and something in a positive manner."
Reid knows graduation will come soon. But that doesn't mean his positive influence will stop there.
"I think that I can do that by doing well in sports, school, whatever, make a name for myself and come back and give back and everyone will see what this community produced,” said Reid.