Witness speaks to WDBJ7 about Martinsville Speedway crash

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HENRY COUNTY, Va (WDBJ7) WDBJ7 is hearing from people who watched on as a driver mowed through a crowd at the Martinsville Speedway Sunday evening.

Many fans said there was chaos, and they almost can't believe this all happened.

Thomas Foley was packing up Monday, after a weekend at the Speedway. He said this wasn't the ending he expected.

"Yesterday was pretty easy going, everybody kind of left and nothing out of the ordinary, nobody mad I wouldn't think," Foley said.

But 22 people were injured after a car hit another car, then drove into the crowd.

"I'm pretty sad that this has happened," Foley said.

Another person, Ashley, said she and her Grandmother saw the whole thing unfold.

"And he just gassed into it and rammed the vehicle in front of him and when he hit that vehicle he actually turned left and headed into the crowd," Ashley said.

She said it was taking a long to time to leave the lot - and worries he was angry.

"He knew that they were there, Ashley said. "He has a good view and and he just went into the crowd and all you head was screaming and people yelling there are people down yelling help them and it was just chaos from there."

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