Woman and her dog reunited after two years apart

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Bethany and Khloe were the best of friends right from the start. They went to the park, and even got ready for bed together.

As a puppy, Khloe liked to run and managed to escape, not once but twice.

"She just was a puppy. She went under it. She ran off," says Khloe's owner, Bethany Moore.

Thankfully she ended up at the Patrick County Animal Shelter, and Bethany got a call.

"Oh, Khloe's here, and I started crying because I thought I was never going to see her again," says Moore.

But Khloe ran off again a few months later.

"We searched and searched. That was like, I never got a call," she says.

That is until this week some two years later, and this time from the Martinsville Henry County SPCA where Bethany adopted her.

They were able to find Bethany thanks to a microchip injected into Khloe when she was adopted.

They couldn't believe it.

"You're kidding. Oh my God. No. Then, they were able to come pick up the dog and it was just like, how did this just happen?" says the Martinsville Henry County SPCA Executive Director, Nicole Harris.

Bethany came to pick up Khloe and says she remembered her right away.

"She was licking the tears off my face, cause I was trying not to cry but it just kind of happened," says Moore.

It's a happy ending for everyone.

"We don't win every day, but that was definitely one of the days that we did," says Harris.

"She's a whole lot bigger now, but she's back. I'm happy with her being big, I don't mind," says Moore.

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