Woman charged with disorderly conduct after confrontation with man wearing MAGA hat

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FALMOUTH, Ma. (WDBJ7/WBZ) -- A Massachusetts woman is being charged with disorderly conduct after confronting a man for wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat at a Mexican restaurant, according to CNN-affiliate WBZ.

Courtesy of WBZ

Bryton Turner recorded the incident of Roseanne Santos attempting to remove the hat.

"It's a hat, at the end of the day. I don't really understand why people can't just express themselves anymore," Turner said. "Everybody has to get mad."

Allegedly before the video was recorded, she attempted to shove Turner's Face in his food.

Police arrived at the scene and had difficulty removing Santos from the restaurant.

The bartender that night, Geo Marcario said, "Lady was, just didn't agree with his hat. I kept telling her 'it's all right. He's not doing anything to me so why is it even a problem?"

Marcario is of Mexican descent and says in America, you can wear whatever hat you want.

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