UPDATE: Neighbors identify woman killed in Carroll County brush fire

CANA, Va. (WDBJ7) Fire crews will continue monitoring an area where a 92-year old Cana woman was killed in a fire.

And the family says, the tragedy could have been worse.

Fire crews caught the flames just in time.

Crews say the fire was not able to jump the street into the wooded area. It also didn't make it to the trailer where Anna May Thompson lived, but it came very close.

Thomspon died trying to stop the fire. Her family says she has a paralyzed son who was inside at the time.

He didn't know about the fire and if the trailer caught on fire, relatives don't think he would have made it out.

His family thanks the neighbor who drove by and saw the fire who then called 9-1-1.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is leading the investigation into the exact cause of Thomas' death.

"I cannot confirm if it's because of smoke inhalation, heart attack, burns. What caused the death, I don't know. Until the medical examiner's office is done with their autopsy, I cannot tell you," said Deputy Brent Bottomly.

Crews were able to get the flames out, but are still continuing to try to control the scene.

“We're just having to dig out the hotspots that’s smoking deep down into the mulch. It's burning 4-6 inches down into the ground and you can't put enough water on it to get it to go out. We're just waiting on Mother Nature,” said David Edwards, a forestry technician.

Crews will likely be monitoring the scene at least through Saturday morning.
But even then, without significant rain just stomping out


Neighbors have identified the woman who died in a brush fire Friday in Carroll County.

Anna May Thomas was 92, according to neighbors.

She was out raking leaves when the fire started. The fire spread near a trailer where her adult son was inside, but they stopped before they got to the trailer. Her son is paralyzed from the waist down and may not have gotten out, neighbors say.

Thomas grew up about a mile down the road from where the fire happened. She lived in the area for her entire life.


A woman was killed in a brush fire in Carroll County Friday.

Emergency Services Coordinator Everett Lineberry confirmed the fire was on Meadowbrook Road in the Cana area. At 1:00 p.m., Lineberry said the fire was extinguished, though crews were still on the scene.

Lineberry described the woman as elderly, though he said he could not provide any additional information.

Carroll County has a ban on open burning in effect. Emergency officials are urging all residents to comply with the ban.