Woman stops in Roanoke to bring attention to Camp Lejeune Veterans

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) People rallied in Washington, D.C., on Saturday to bring attention to a certain group of veterans, people that they feel have been ignored by the government. That includes one woman who made a stop in Roanoke first.

Courtesy of Tara Craver

Before Tara Craver made it to Washington for the rally, she was right here in front of the Poff Building sharing her story. One about her late husband who died of cancer.

"Three years ago the government killed my husband," Craver said.

In 2014, Craver's husband, Karle, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He served as a Marine at Camp Lejeune in the 1970s. Craver says her husband's oncologist said the cancer was a result of contaminated water. But when they went to sign up for benefit at the VA hospital, they were denied.

He died 10 weeks later.

"Hopefully getting the VA to get up and get off their hands and do something about these Veterans," Craver said.

Craver has made a Facebook page to raise awareness, catching the attention of Erin Brockovich.

"I have people saying you can't fight the government, you're wrong. I'm an American," Craver said.

She joined together with other family members and veterans at Operation Stand Together on the National Mall in D.C. Craver has made stops at several VA regional benefits offices, as well as Louisville, Kentucky, where all the Camp Lejeuene cases were handled.

She says she plans to stop at nothing to get justice.