Women trade in casual clothes for wedding dresses at the vintage wedding dress sale

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Black Dog Salvage and Chocolatepaper partnered together to host a Bridal Brunch at The Stone House. But the brunch wasn't for just one bride. It was for the public to show off a unique collection of vintage wedding dresses.

There were more than 25 dresses that were recently collected from an emptied storage vault. On Sunday, they were back on sale, ready to be worn down the aisle.

Women filled the halls of Black Dog Salvage's Stone House Sunday afternoon. They traded their casual clothes in for white, beige, and cream-colored wedding dresses. But these aren't your average ones.

"It's the serendipity of an entire collection of dresses that were left basically in a storage vault here and when the dry cleaning businesses closed that location, the storage vault was emptied and this little bit of history all came together," said Melissa Palmer, Co-Owner of chocolatepaper.

History now coming to life on women of all ages, looking for their perfect fit.

"We had really good traffic, people want to see The Stone House, first and foremost, and then we had some amazing models."

There was even a woman at the event helping with dress alterations.

"Making amazing little tweaks here and there and tears in eyes of women that's not even their child," Palmer said.

Chocolatepaper provided chocolates and Barrister's Bakery brought wedding cake samples. This fun event all went to help a greater cause--the Prevention Council of Roanoke County. It's a local non-profit focused on youth development.

"There's classes, education, we raise awareness of some of the risks that some of our community sees such as the opioid epidemic,"
Michael Galliher, a Board Member for the Prevention Council of Roanoke County, said.

"The Prevention Council is about little tiny steps, that's what they do, they are trying to treat a human, a person, through a really difficult time and really takes one little bit at a time, so one dollar at a time, one piece of chocolate at a time, one piece of cake at a time," Palmer said.

Or in this case, one wedding dress at a time.

"It's very unique. I've never been involved in anything such as this, but I've seen some of the girls come down in the wedding dresses and it is, it's really neat to see the different styles and also just the excitement and everybody's having fun," Galliher added.

As for what's next for the dresses, "Who knows what the future is going to be for these?" Palmer said. "We do have several people interested, we have different vintage dresses shops that might want to get a group of them, we've got some people here locally, we got some amazing people that came that said 'I redo them, let me buy a couple, let me a take a couple,' so who knows, we'll see what happens."