World's largest Confederate Battle Flag is coming to Danville

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) The world's largest Confederate Battle Flag is coming to Southside.

Danielle Staub/WDBJ7

The Virginia Flaggers group says it is all because the city took down a Confederate flag almost a year ago.

The city-owned flag pole is still bare. Multiple lawsuits trying to get the flag back up have been turned down by the Virginia Supreme Court. But that is not stopping the Virginia Flaggers from putting up more Confederate flags on private property throughout the city.

Something others say is daily reminder of hate.

"In August of 2015, the city council fell to PC. Political Correctness, because of a few people complaining," Frank Harvey, Commander Camp 828, Sons of Confederate Veterans, said.

In a year, there have been 13 confederate flags raised in Danville. And this weekend, will be number 14.

"It is 10 feet in the ground," Harvey said. "It's a total of 119 feet so it's 109 feet above ground."

The flag itself is 30-by-50 feet. It will be located on private property and visible to those driving along the Route 29 bypass in Blairs.

"We want to do this to keep the awareness up of our Confederate ancestors," Harvey said. "And just let them know that a lot of people in this country have forgot about them but we have not and we will not. "

After a man killed nine people at a church in South Carolina last June and used the Confederate Flag as a symbol of his hate, many Confederate monuments, flags and even license plates were removed all over the U.S.

Those who find the flag racist and offensive here in Danville, are shocked the Virginia Flaggers continue to push the issue.

"Any time I see the Confederate Flag it hurts me because they hate me," John Pinchback, former Danville SCLC leader, said.

John Pinchback has been fighting against the Confederate Flag for years.

"I think it's wrong, it's a battle flag," Pinchback said. "A battle flag shouldn't be flown in the country that they surrendered the flag to."

But Harvey disagrees and continues to defend it.

"To me this flag has nothing to do with race it's about our heritage and that's all we care about," Harvey said.

SCLC leaders say the courts have spoken.

They say the flag should not be here at this city-owned property, which also happens to be the last meeting place of the Confederate government.

Out of respect for those who died in South Carolina, they are asking the flaggers to take them all down.

The Virginia Flaggers plan to raise the new giant flag Saturday at 4 p.m.