Wounded Warrior soft ball team takes on Bedford County public safety

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- Bedford County Public Safety took on the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) on Saturday.

But, it wasn't your average 7-inning game. "We've got men and women who not only sacrificed all, but have sacrificed parts," said Capt. Mike Miller with the Bedford County Sheriff's Office.

The 13 combat veterans make up the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team. "These men and women are just a small example of our warriors that go out and defend our freedoms everyday," Miller.

Outfielder Greg Reynolds served in the US Army for nearly 10 years. "And in three seconds, I went from being in control of my life to fighting for my life," said Reynolds. "I'm missing 1/5 of my body so it's hard to hit, hard to field, you need your arms for running…"

But, like his teammates, Reynolds likes to show other veterans and amputees that they can hit whatever life throws at them. "Society says 'you're an amputee, it's not possible for you to play sports, it's not possible for you to do this' and we prove them wrong," said Reynolds.

And they do it in honor of the red, white and blue. "A lot of our patriots have died for that flag, and what we can do is live full, active and positive lives for those who never came back," Reynolds added.

The WWAST is a public charity whose mission is to inspire and educate others while enhancing the health and welfare of Wounded Warrior Amputees.

They also travel to raise awareness and funds for their annual amputee children's camp.