Write-in candidate wins Board of Supervisors seat in Halifax County

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HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) One of the more unusual storylines to come out of Tuesday night's election happened in Halifax County.

A write-in candidate won a seat on the Board of Supervisors, beating an incumbent whose name was actually on the ballot.

Stanley Brandon didn't decide until after the deadline to run for the Board of Supervisors.

He says voters in District 6 talked him into it, and ultimately voted him into office.

"I didn't do it. The people saw to it that the people had a voice. My slogan for the campaign was I was the people's choice for the people's voice," says Brandon.

Brandon has lived in Halifax County for a long time and runs two businesses. He says he considers himself a public servant.

"I believe in my community and obviously the community believes in me. We work together, get along together, we live together and we're going to grow this community and move forward together,' he says.

Brandon didn't have much time to campaign, but he did what he could to reach out to people all over his district, including putting up campaign signs.

He will replace Larry Giordano. He claimed 943 write-in votes to Giordano's 500 votes, beating him 65 to 35 percent.

Brandon worked the polls all day Tuesday to get every vote he could.

"Once they closed, we went over to the circuit court's office to see if we could obtain the results. Once they came in we were ecstatic," he says.

Brandon will take office in January.