Wythe County handling flooded roads, rural home issues following storms

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WYTHE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Several roads in the New River Valley remained closed Monday night, and many others are still flooded. Including in Wythe County.

Max Meadows Road is the main access to the Industrial Park, and is only a mile from Interstate 81.

So having deep water has caused big problems for vehicles as big as tractor trailers.

By late afternoon Monday, Wythe County had marked almost 20 different roads as possibly dangerous or closed.

County Spokesperson Jeremy Farley explained, "Roads that have flooding on them, the county has deemed those roads to be impassible and that simply means passing through that is not wise. On top of that, the Virginia Department of Transportation, they have the authority to actually close down a road. Basically that means they're putting out the signs and telling motorists that they can't pass down that road."

Max Meadows Road was originally marked as impassible.

It had drivers, including a man in a tractor trailer nervous to try it.

He said he was afraid he'd be fired if he got stuck. But after a few minutes, he went for it.

That's something the county doesn't advise.

Farley said, "You're going up against quite a bit of force and over half the people who are killed in a drowning situation do so in their vehicle, and so certainly we want to do everything we can to just remind residents to make wise decisions."

But people still went through the road, up until it was closed.

Officials had more to worry about than people driving in dangerous roads. Wythe County has a lot of rural spots, which causes even more issues.

"You have different mountains and those mountains might wedge someone in," Farley explained. "If a road is blocked off on this end, there might not be another way out. So emergency management officials have been, throughout the day, trying to make sure that residents who are blocked off are noted and those are the ones that are placed at the top priority as far as monitoring goes."

Thankfully, no one has been reported injured, dead, or in need of rescue.

However, Farley said during flooding two years ago, they found someone two days after the storm who had drowned in their car.