Yoga as massage therapy

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Does going to work out actually make you want to Namaste at home in bed instead?

Caitlin Francis, WDBJ7

Sometimes people with aches, pains, or injuries who may have a difficult time even practicing yoga can find relief.

This is called Thai Yoga, and it’s actually a massage.

“Thai massage is another healing modality that combines reiki practitioner healing, massage, and yoga all into one session,” said Christina Lofaro, certified Thai massage therapist and teacher.

Lofaro calls it the lazy man’s yoga. She actually puts you in all of the positions, and stretches you, opening up your energy lines.

“We’ll start – even during a massage making a connection, and kind of show them, almost making the invisible visible. So if there’s an energy blockage in the ankle, I can be like, hey are you having eye issues, and sometimes that will correlate, and then we can discuss that line goes right to your eye, and it might be connected. So we can loosen up that, and it will help the energy flow through, and hopefully help solve both problems,” she said.

So if you try to exercise, but maybe it’s not your favorite thing in the world, or maybe you love it, but you end up in more pain, she says that’s your body sending a message.

“So if you put pressure on parts of your body and there’s discomfort, that means there’s dysfunction. So yeah, it’ll hurt a little bit? There’s a little bit of pain, but once I explain what’s going on and why you have to go through that to release it, it works out, almost like with life,” Lofaro said.

So does this actually work?

“Sometimes I get hugs sometimes they jump up with excitement. Yeah, because a lot of people have been dealing with this stuff for years and they have had no relief, so it’s just very awesome to see their energy shift after a session.”

She says people should give it a shot to try and relieve some pain, or just for a good relaxing stretch.

Lofaro trained in Northern VA and in Thailand.

You stay fully clothed during the massage, and t’s done on the mat, so you’re comfortable.

She keeps her schedule pretty flexible, but only does about 3 of the Thai yoga massages a day because they’re hard on her body. If you’re interested in learning more, or scheduling an appointment, you can call her at 540-819-5360, or visit her website at .