Young author premieres children's book in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) There was a children's book reading in Lexington this afternoon.

Isabella WInkler read her first children's book to buyers at a Lexington bookstore this afternoon.

"Emily Finds a Bunny" is, as you might expect, the story of a girl and her pet rabbit, but it's not the only book Isabella -- who's only 6 -- has written. She says she has more ready to go, but isn't looking to be just a writer when she grows up.

"Right now, I feel like I want to be a scientist when I grow up," Isabella says. "But when you're a scientist, you have to write books. So that's what I think I'm going to do when I grow up."

"Emily Finds a Bunny" is self published right now, so it's just available at Books and Company in Lexington, but Isabella spoke with a publisher at her event.