Zoning code change could open downtown Radford to craft breweries

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RADFORD, Va (WDBJ7) Craft breweries could soon be making an appearance in downtown Radford.

The city's planning commission is considering a change to zoning ordinances that would allow craft breweries to be in business districts.

Many downtown businesses are behind the idea.

"Whether it's somebody here local that's always wanted to start one or perhaps someone from the outside who would love to come to a wonderful city like Radford. Micro-manufacturing, micro-brewing, that is where it's at, we have data that shows that is working in the 21st century and we would love to bring more of that here to Radford," said David Horton, the president of the Radford Chamber of Commerce.

City leaders have recently considered changing zoning codes as breweries have become more popular in communities.

City Council may vote to make the change Monday.