Alleghany at Glenvar, and Patrick Henry at Salem

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) -- They were waving the flag proud tonight at Glenvar, up 14-0 on Alleghany in the first quarter.

Mountaineers struggled to move the ball, here the handoff botched and the ball hits the deck! After a scrum it was the Highlanders who are now headed the other way.

First play, Landry Gerbers floats one to the flat to Billy Alexander, sheds one tackle and tip toes down the sideline another 25 yards for the score! 21-0 Glenvar.

The Mountaineers offensive woos continue, Dustin Hawk getting the toss, trying to make the edge but Justice Forster is too quick and drags him down.

Highlanders take over, Gerbers showing off that arm and finds Forster, guy is making plays everywhere!

Same drive, Gerbers looking to the flat again, nothing doing, looks deep and connects with Nick Sebolt. Highlanders remain perfect, 49-7.
It was homecoming at Salem, congrats to the king & queen!
On the field, Salem up 28-14 on Patrick Henry.

Patriots on the move, Leroy Thomas heads to his left, nope, how about cross field? Looks good, looks real good, looks fantastic.

Thomas takes it in from over 40 yards out to pull PH within a score.
Next Salem drive, Jack Gladden with the nice play action, takes time and fires over the middle to Avery Close who is wrestled down in the redzone.

Few plays later, big Bobby Pinello takes his 240 pound frame and crams the rock down the defense's throat for the score.
Ring that bell!

Salem back on a winning streak, 42-21.