Auburn at Radford

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) The Radford Bobcats had quietly won three of their last 4 after starting the season at 0-3.

On Friday night, Matthew Saunders and his team butted heads with Auburn at Norm Lineburg Field

But Auburn did its best to spoil the party. The Eagles give it to Triston Perry early. He turned the corner and found lots of running room. Perry motored 77 yards to the house to open the scoring and Auburn led it 7-nothing.

Radford had an answer though. DJ Baylor scrambled for what seems like an eternity. He avoided the rush and finally chucked it for Kamryn Edwards in the endzone for the TD but they missed the extra point.

Richie Romo extended the Auburn lead with a field goal late in the half, but Radford came back to win it 19-10.