Bassett at Magna Vista

Bassett and Magna Vista locked up in the latest installment of the Smith River Rivalry tonight in Henry County. The Bengals last win in the series back in 2012.

Real men wear pink as Magna Vista were appropriately dressed for the month of October. Magna Vista is on the move in the rain with a 7 yard pitch and catch, Dryus Hairston to Freddie Roberts for the first down.

Then the rain got harder, cheerleaders ran for jackets, and fans ran for their cars. Magna Vista would fumble in the red zone and Bassett would recover.

Later in the first quarter, Kevon Smith throws a nice past to Trevon Hairston for 21 yards, and Bassett is on the move. But the drive would stall and end in a punt.

Magna Vista backed up close to their own end zone, fumbles again, and once again Bassett recovers and has first and goal.

Kevon Smith would call his own number and score from 8 yards out and make it 7-nothing. Bassett goes on to win a sloppy game, 13 to 6.