Blacksburg adjusts to new head coach

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- On our high school football camp tour, we make our way to the NRV to catch up with the Blacksburg Bruins and their new head coach Eddie Sloss.

Blacksburg's head coach Eddie Sloss

Following four years at Carroll County, Sloss is excited to be back and leading the team where he used to play.

"Blacksburg is a special place," Sloss said. "You know, I grew up here and it isn't the same school. It isn't the same stadium where I played and grew up but it's a great community. A lot of the guys who coached me are out here coaching these guys. And I'm getting an opportunity to work with them which is pretty cool. It's an honor to be able to come back and coach at a school like this, especially that's had so much success in the past."

That success includes a state championship two years ago, and a deep regional run last year, falling to Salem by one point.

That's a feeling the senior laden squad wants to erase with a championship this year, and they'll work as hard as they can to get there.

"Winning a state championship your sophomore year, obviously you want to go out the right way, but hopefully we can go out on top and get one more," senior tight end Craig Weaver said.

"Yeah last years' loss, that was really hard on us because we worked so hard for it and that one point kept us away from getting another ring, so this season we've worked really hard. We're gonna get back to there and try to win it this time," senior wide receiver Cole Epperley said.