Blacksburg at Cave Spring

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Blacksburg was still on track for an unbeaten regular season. The Bruins needed to navigate a road contest at Cave Spring tonight to keep it that way.

Blacksburg up just 14-nothing at the half and Tyquest Terry left with an injury.

It's 29-zip now and the Bruins looking for more. Grant Johnston avoids the rush and tucks it under. He rambles his way to the endzone on the nifty little run but it's coming back for a hold.

Then later, Brian Mitchell coughs up the pigskin. Cave's Lucas Duncan is there to fall on it for the Knights.

Tim Fulton's team trying to dig out of a hole and Jacob Knight with the long ball for Zach Bowling. He's got it in the endzone, BUT, that one too is coming back for a flag. Blacksburg went on to beat Cave Spring in a shutout 29 to nothing.