Blacksburg at Giles

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PEARISBURG, VA (WDBJ7) -- In Giles County tonight, the crowd was ready for a showdown between Giles and Blacksburg High.

Blacksburg dominated right out of the gate, Quarterback Luke Goforth launching a ball to wide receiver Karim Mohammed to go up 7-0.

Giles managed to pick up some yardage too, as Quarterback Chaston Ratcliff lobs one across the field to number 22 Preston Whitlock.

On the same drive, a handoff to runningback Logan Greenway moves the Spartans down the field.

But Giles just couldn't keep up with the Bruins.

Here Goforth fired this shot to Brian Mitchell in the endzone, for yet another unanswered touchdown.

Blacksburg would go on to win 24-0.