Blacksburg at Hidden Valley

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- To Bogle Stadium where a banged up Blacksburg team tired to bounce back from a previous loss to Pulaski County against Hidden Valley.

2Q Titans up 10-0.
Bruins facing third down, Luke Goforth flips one out to Brian Mitchell who goes cross field looking for any kind of running room, thinks he finds it but Steven Robertson shuts that down quick. Blacksburg would punt.

Titans now facing a third down, and it's Blackburg this time with the tough defense. Blaise Butler with the blazing speed to wrestle down Grayson Carroll.

Titans line up to punt it away, decent hangtime, favorable bounce, Brian Mitchell with a slight muff but secures the ball and heads near side. Doesn't like it, does a dance and takes off far side and he has a gang of Bruins blockers all the way to the endzone. Bruins on the board 10-7.

3Q Hidden Valley driving but Carroll botches the play fake and puts the ball on the turf! #75 Davis Cirillo recovers for Blackburg!

A bad snap, but Goforth is all over it, looks to pass then decides to use his legs. He's able to slip by a few tacklers on his way to a great run to eventually give Blackburg an opportunity to take the lead.

Ball inside the 1 for the Bruins, and it's Mitchell again who struts in as Blacksburg goes onto beat Hidden Valley 29-23.