Blacksburg at Patrick Henry

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Blacksburg made the trip to Patrick Henry where the Patriots were winners of four straight.

The action starts in the second half with the Bruins' Brian Mitchell having a niffty run to the left picking up nine yards and a first down.

Penalties backed the drive up, but Mitchell gets them all back with a big rush up the middle, getting another first down. However, the drive stalls out and the Bruins then send out James Poland who connects on the 32 yard field goal. Blacksburg takes a 10 point lead 24-14.

Late in third quarter, PH starts to move the ball, Jalen Cook brings a burst up the gut and sets up a first and goal at the one. PH goes hurry-up and QB Roy Gunn sneaks over the goalline for the TD, missing the extra point to come to 24-20.

Late in the fourth quarter, Blacksburg goes on a long, time consuming drive, ending with Mitchell running left for 29 yards and the TD. The Bruins put the game away late and won it 31 to 20.