Blacksburg at Pulaski

DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ7) Blacksburg lost standout receiver Tyquest Terry to a hand injury last week. Friday night it was next man up for the Bruins who tried to slow down EJ Horton and Pulaski County.

The 6-1 Cougars hosting the 7-0 Bruins, a great night for football in the New River Valley.

And a great start for the Cougars on defense, as Blacksburg QB Grant Johnston looking to move it down the field early in the game, but it's picked off, Gage Mannon on the interception and the Cougars take over right away.

And on the very first play from scrimmage, it's Mannon on the hand off and he's got room to run, all the way to the house for a Pulaski County touchdown, Cougars go up 7-0 after the turnover.

But Blacksburg responded pretty quickly, here with a short touchdown from Brian Mitchell, and we're tied up at 7 apiece.

Here's the ensuing kickoff for Blacksburg, and if we're showing you a kickoff you know something's about to happen, EJ Horton! To the house. Touchdown Cougars, they retake the lead, at 14-7.

Later in the 2nd quarter, Bruins ball, Johnston looking down field again, he lets it loose deep down the sideline and it's caught by Thomas Coffey who turns on the jets and takes it to the end zone, Blacksburg ties it right back up the Bruins scored again before the half to make it 21-14.

And the second half was all about mistakes, here's the first one, Cougars ball, Kade Akers gonna throw it, and it's picked off by Karim Mohamed.

And later in the quarter, this time Cougars put it on the ground, recovered by the Bruins, but they couldn't score on either takeaway.

And then Akers, again trying to air it out, he's looking deep, and another interception, this time Joshua Gholston. Bruins still up by a touchdown.

Johnston, looking to pad that lead in the 4th, looking for his man Coffey down the field, but this time Pulaski County comes away with it, new life for the Cougars, they get the ball down 7.

Akers looking to complete the comeback, 3rd and long he goes deep and Brian Mitchell with Blacksburg's 3rd interception of the game, this one to seal the deal, Bruins stay undefeated and beat Pulaski County 21-14.