Blacksburg at Salem

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) -- In Salem, the Spartans were hoping to avoid their first three game skid since 1994. But it wouldn't be easy against unbeaten Blacksburg, a team that beat Salem in the regular season a year ago, only to have the Spartans return the favor in the postseason.

It was a slow start for both teams until Salem got cooking late in the first.

QB Jack Gladdin slips it to Isaiah Persinger for the 10 yard touchdown, 7-nothing for just a short time.

Minutes later, Blacksburg responds. Karim Mohamed makes the catch out wide, yeah he's a blur in real life too, takes it past the 20 until he's tripped up by that Spartan defense. He makes the next catch for a Bruin TD. They were tied at 7.

Impressive stuff from QB Grant Johnston to put Blacksburg ahead. In some trouble, He heaves a bomb through the lights. Mohamed came down with it, and into the endzone no problem for 14-7.

On the next drive, Gladdin fires to an open Chase Ferris. It's almost a bust! But Ferris was able to pull it in. The score was tied at 14 at the half.

But a tie wasn't good enough for Salem at their house. Gladdin lets it fly for 72 yards, into the trusty arms of Ferris for the touchdown. Salem retakes the lead 21-14.

The Bruins held to a field goal on the next drive. They need a touchdown in the fourth. And Johnston delivers. Putting an exclamation point on this game along with Joshua Gholston! Fearless play for big results.

The Bruins hold off Salem to win 24-21.