Brookville Bees using former player's memory to strengthen their team

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BROOKVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) - For the Brookville Bees, this season is about so much more than the scoreboard. The football team is using every practice, every game and every moment to honor the memory of one of their players.

"It's tough," said Coach Job Meeks. "He should be out here with us."

The Friday night lights don't shine quite as brightly for the Brookville Bees as they once did.

"I dont think it's gotten any easier," Meeks said. "It's been a couple months but I haven"t seen it get any easier yet."

Earlier this year, # 61, Lineman Robert Skyler McConville, was killed in a car accident.

Friends say if Skyler, or "Skybuck" as they called him, wasn't on the football field, you'd likely find him in the great outdoors.
His is a presence this team sorely misses.

"They literally bring him up every single day," Meeks said. "It hasn't even gone away at all."

But his name isn't used in vain. McConville is still making his team stronger than before.

"I know that if he was here right now he'd be giving it his 100 percent," said quarterback Zack Mann. "And he'd be going out every play. In my mind I gotta do that for him and every one of these players, they feel the same exact way. They gotta play for him, because he can't play anymore."

It's not just the offensive line made stronger by McConville.
His friends have saved him a seat in the stands. Friends and classmates spent one home game with cardboard cutouts of his face, and wearing camouflage clothing, like he was known to do.

"That definitely made us stronger," said senior player Micah Glaize. "We kinda took that crucial part in our life, took that adversity and turned it into motivation, because you know every practice, every game, everything we do is definitely for him. So we want to do it with our highest potential and you know make sure we're repping his name good."

For the Brookville Bees, an important lesson this season.
Don't worry about counting the points.
Focus instead on counting your blessings.

"He always had a smile on his face, he was always happy about something," Mann said. "It doesn't matter if Coach Meeks was loosing his mind and yelling at us, he was always smiling and giggling about something. You gotta look at the happy things in life and not worry about the things that make you sad."