Quarterback Bryce Perkins is turning heads in his first year with UVA

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) -- All of UVA's success this year, a winning record, a winning mindset and a second consecutive bowl game appearance can be traced back to one good decision.

"I don't think any of this has happened without the way Bryce has played this year," head coach Bronco Mendenhall said.

Junior quarterback Bryce Perkins stepped onto the scene just a year ago and has already changed the face of this football program.

"Throwing the football has exceeded my expectations. Just his leadership. I wouldn't say there is an area where he hasn't exceeded where I thought he would be," Mendenhall said.

Perkins set the single-season record for total offense with 3,314 yards and the single-season record with 31 touchdowns.

"Fits right into the team. I've said it since day one, he fit right in. He's really not a me me guy. He's a team guy and he just wants to do the best to help our team," senior running back Jordan Ellis said.

The ideal man to help the Cavaliers accomplish their goals, including bringing home a bowl game victory for the seniors.

"For me to do everything I can to help them go out strong, you know, reach one of our goals, I'll do everything in my power. I'll lay it all on the line for these guys," Perkins said.

But even the ideal guy, isn't perfect every time.The goal of beating Virginia Tech did not pan out the way Bryce had hoped.
"I can't sugarcoat anything. I have to be 100% honest with myself. I seen the play, watched it. It's more than watching the whole tape over than just that play," he said.

But it's how he handled the disappointment that makes him the leader UVA needs.

"He's a dynamic athlete. He's a good leader, he's a good person. His energy, the way he plays just is infectious to the whole team," junior cornerback Bryce Hall said.

His teammates aren't the only ones to notice his contributions. Bryce caught the attention of the entire state, earning this years' Dudley Award as the best college football player in Virginia.

"Just one year under the belt, next year, in the spring and fall camp, I think we'll definitely open the load," Perkins said. "As I get more comfortable with the guys in the offense, I'll be able to handle more responsibility as far as the offense and controlling the offense goes. Just open the playbook more as we get people in and out."