Carroll County at Floyd County

FLOYD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Carroll County and Floyd County took care of business at Bogle Stadium in Roanoke County because of wet field conditions at Floyd.

But we don't get to the business until overtime.

Each team gets a chance from the 10, and it's Floyd first.

Third down, Caleb Erchull plowing through traffic at rush hour, first points of the game. 7-nothing Buffaloes.

Now, it's the Cavs' turn. Jacob Motley keeps it and takes the long way around the town. Tied at seven, so let's do it all again.

Fourth down, Carroll County pounding the ground. Cassell McMillian gets in the end zone. 14-7 Cavs.

Floyd responds and ties it. Going for the extra point, freshman Junior Policarpo kicks it wide.

It's a no go and Carroll County celebrating a 14-13 double overtime win on the long drive home.