Cave Spring at Blacksburg

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Meanwhile in Blacksburg, it's also Homecoming night as the king and queen are crowned at halftime!

And this one wasn't as close at half. But they'd stretch it in the third, as Tiquest Terry, hides from us behind the ref, but hides from the defense too!

He'd zig and zag all the way to the endzone!

And this Bruin defense wasn't letting up now leading 35 to 7.

In fact, Cave Spring's Jacob Knight is going to be picked off here by Terry and just look how much running he does here!

Running left to right and then straight ahead for another big score!

The Knights would keep trying to get down the field, but these short passes wouldn't be enough.

And this pick by Brian Mitchell would seal the deal.

Bruins win 49 to 7.