Cave Spring at Christiansburg

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) It was senior night at Christiansburg Friday, where both the Blue Demons and Cave Spring still had postseason aspirations, despite their records.

FFE: Cave Spring at Christiansburg

It was a slippery pigskin, and the Knights were knocking on the door, but they have trouble on the exchange. Mac Padgett is there to make the fumble recovery for the Blue Demons.

Yards tough to come by throughout the first half. Cave Spring's Zach Bowling with the tough, hard earned run here to get what he can. But this one was a defensive struggle.

Caleb Henley turned in a nice punt return before the half for Christiansburg but the teams went to halftime tied at zero. The Blue Demons got two second half scores to win an ugly one -- 13 to nothing over the Knights.